Atlanta First Day School’s mission is to help children develop their social, physical, emotional and spiritual selves in a Christian atmosphere. Students enhance their experiences through art, music, and classroom activities. Research and experience confirm that a positive learning environment facilitates the development of each child according to his/her particular needs, interests and unique abilities.

Curriculum Based Instruction:

We focus on teaching the whole child through the use of Creative Curriculum, differentiated instruction, and experiential learning. This ensures that every student is school ready.

Fine and Gross Motor Development:

Students will participate in hands-on activities that involve cutting sculpting, coloring and painting in order to strengthen their motor skills.

Cognitive & Literacy Development:

Counting, letter and sound recognition are all learned while students are challenged to think critically, practice active listening and sharing.

Language Skills Development:

Students will be exposed to and examine a variety of vocabulary words that they will learn to use in conversation.

(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math):

Students explore and build their emerging skills in all areas through the use of interactive listening and learning centers, iPads, and the Promethean Board.


Each week the students join in the church sanctuary for a fun lesson focused on God and his teachings. They sing songs, learn of the gospel, and participate in activities. These activities are reinforced inside the classroom throughout the week.

Field Trips:

Off-site walking field trips may occur throughout the year for children in the Preschool and Pre-K classrooms. We believe that interactive field trips are an excellent way to extend learning and instruction beyond the classroom.